We SHIFT performance in business.
New dates for the 2018 Summit:

Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th September 2018, Crowne Plaza, Auckland.

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Welcome to Paradigm SHIFT – it’s time to show up and lead.

The Paradigm Shift business group are culture and behaviour change experts, deeply invested in the personal and professional success of individuals and organisations throughout Australasia. The principles and technologies we employ literally shift performance – from corporate and government organisations to the most important individual of all – you.


Coming up

The Paradigm Shift business group present regular events, seminars and workshops nationwide. Watch this space for the next available opportunity to participate. For any other information, or to enquire about an event for you or your organisation, please email info@paradigmshift.co.nz  or contact one of the team on 0800 607 793.


Invest in yourself – Master your Mindset | Christchurch – March 2018

2018 is the year of increased paradigm shifts  – a chance to forge ahead and make the necessary changes at an individual, team or organisation level.

In this introductory series join us for three 3½ hour workshops to clear the overwhelming blocks in the way, gain clarity and get the fire in your belly so you can claim your space being you.

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Paradigm Shift offer a range of programmes including Lead Now, Power Up and Change Up.
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RebeccaMorris.nz also offers a range of workshops, including Empowher Women in Leadership and Be the Best in Your Career.
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Introducing the Paradigm Shift business group

Shifting performance requires focus. We’ve designed our programmes to fit the unique requirements of different organisations, business types, groups and individuals.

Paradigm SHIFT

Paradigm SHIFT – corporate performance solutions. 

Paradigm Shift programmes are designed to complement high level corporate roles and responsibilities. We provide one-to-one and one-to-many programmes across the corporate spectrum to fundamentally shift corporate management performance.

Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator – sales team programmes and workshops

Making a great product is no guarantee you’re great at selling that product. We help companies implement effective sales strategies, systems and personnel to complement your core business operation.

Rebecca Morris NZ

RebeccaMorris.nz – women and performance

Let’s get personal. RebeccaMorris.nz offers programmes developed specifically for women, recognising the unique challenges we face and providing meaningful pathways to shifting your personal and professional performance.

Introducing Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because she saw repeatedly through her corporate career leaders choose to have chaos reign rather than effective change.

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Who we work with

We specialise in taking individuals and teams to higher levels of performance.  We provide tailor made programmes for financial services, lawyers, public sector, real estate agents, IT companies and anyone prepared to do what it takes to grow their business. More…

What we deliver

We deliver focussed and inspired individuals, committed and connected teams and engaged businesses with effective leaders. We achieve this through one on one programmes for private mentoring and business coaching and one to many programmes for businesses through facilitation, seminars, workshops, speaking and advising. More…

About Us

Paradigm Shift are experts in shifting business performance with the aim of improving effectiveness and profitability. Rebecca has over twenty years of experience in leadership and partner roles. She has more recently trained in the Global Thought Leaders methodology which aims to make clever people commercially smart. More…


See what others are saying about our work. More…

The Paradigm experience challenged our thinking beyond what we thought and lead us to look outside the square. This is the best programme I have ever experienced over my entire career. I have been to and seen a lot of programmes but this one stands out as being the best investment by far.

Peter Churchouse

Financial Advisor, Craig's Investment Partners

We are a business consultancy firm that brings international experience and a fresh perspective to enable individuals, teams and organisations to accelerate their performance.

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