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Rebecca Morris believes – it’s time to show up and lead

Rebecca has a background in executive leadership, educational psychology and as a business coach. Through her exposure to the corporate sector and experience in observing human behaviour and associated patterns, it became evident that there was a need to shine a light on dysfunctional leadership behaviours. Rebecca creates an opportunity for leaders to step up and lead more effectively. 

In 2011 Rebecca established Paradigm Shift to help organisations, teams and individuals across both the corporate and government markets globally to interrupt what wasn’t working.

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The Paradigm Shift business group are behaviour, leadership and culture experts, deeply invested in the personal and professional success of individuals and organisations globally.

We integrate leading edge culture, resilience and leadership tools to banish old behaviours and break unhelpful patterns.


Turning Leaders into Business Legends

We have a range of leadership programmes from executive coaching through to our immersion leadership pods designed to give choice around size, focus areas, timeframes and investment. Delivered virtually, onsite or a combination of both.

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Team Development and Profiling

Developing and retaining teams is critical to get right. Understand how to develop leadership teams and individuals through behaviour profiling, practical individual and team development models that integrate into performance management systems.
Build self awareness, insights and actionable outcomes that are easily measurable.


Managing Psychosocial Hazards and Culture

Doing culture right goes deeper than just having the right model. Learn how to understand and turn psychosocial hazards into resilience strategies, arming leaders and employees with confidence through the use  practical tools- a combination of online and face to face programmes  to keep safe and well.

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The Neurochange Method

I am excited to be only one of 2 expert practitioners certified in training in the Neurochange Method in New Zealand.

Staggering advances in Mind Sciences have led us to the Neuro Change Method™, which you can use to help your clients adapt, recover, and emerge as a ‘New Person.’

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Certification Programme

Become certified as an expert in developing your leadership teams in your organisation using our framework.

If you are responsible for training, organisational development, passionate about leading human development or a business consultant wanting to add additional products to your business, consider getting trained in our Paradigm Shift methodology.

Rebecca Morris - Observational Intelligence

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Leadership Positioning Matrix

To be a business legend, leaders need to have a strong brand and understand who they are, what they represent and how they get the most of their teams.

The intention of this matrix is to be able to succinctly distil everything about you and have you breathe and live this. If it’s you – it should be easy right? However most leaders go through the motions and lead ‘doing’ what they believe people want.

Let’s interrupt the cycle and consider step one is knowing who you are…

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
Anna Quindlen.

Rebecca’s strengths include insight, commercial acumen based on her own leadership and management experience and a practical approach. One of her key attributes is her ability to expertly navigate to the root cause of issues and convey them in a way that engenders acceptance and growth in the individual or team.

Steve Ruru

CEO, Southland District Council

Rebecca is highly engaging and energised in everything she does and seems to relish the difficult challenges that most people would avoid. She has been transformational for our business…

Pat Hanrahan

Group CEO, Southern Hospitality Group

We engaged Rebecca to support the organisation, improve our effectiveness at individual and team levels – we never imagined the amount of positive impact it would have…

Simon Gordon

GM, Acton International Marketing Ltd

Rebecca Morris NZ


Rebecca is a motivational speaker and is available for conferences, workshops or team building events.

She also has MC experience and passion to host and bring your event to life no matter what time of the day.

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MORE Online Summit – September 2022

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