SHIFTing behaviours,leaders and cultures

Rebecca has been partnering with our organisation during the past three years. During this time we have used her multifaceted skillset in a variety of different roles and projects as she is not a traditional one-area consultant.

Her passion for people and personal investment in our business has been unique, for example, she contacted me during the Covid-19 lockdown wanting to support our organisation by working on a voluntary basis with our people leaders and their teams. She ran webinars and provided tools to support the emotional health and wellbeing of our organisation.

Rebecca delivers high energy and a value-add approach to everything she does. She has delivered outcomes which have helped our people to take ownership and evolve their leadership and personal brands in a safe and supportive environment. We have gained detailed profiles of our people leaders and a toolkit of hands-on, easy-to-implement solutions that support people development and this has put us on a strong path to realising our organisational development objectives.

Rebecca’s strengths include insight, commercial acumen based on her own leadership and management experience and a practical approach. One of her key attributes is her ability to expertly navigate to the root cause of issues and convey them in a way that engenders acceptance and growth in the individual or team. She is a skilled facilitator and can think on the fly and adapt her sessions to meet the needs of the participants on the day and address the unspoken in a room whilst still delivering on the agreed outcomes.

Our people leaders have grown and evolved over the past three years and Rebecca’s work has played a significant role in achieving this.

Steve Ruru

CEO, Southland District Council

Twelve months ago we asked Rebecca to help us improve the level of capability and professionalism of our people leaders through a program of both group and one-on-one coaching. Over that time I’ve come to appreciate that she is exceptional at what she does. She is highly astute, and has a deep understanding of how business both do and should operate.

Rebecca is highly engaging and energised in everything she does and seems to relish the difficult challenges that most people would avoid. She has been transformational for our business, and I consider engaging her to have been our best investment for the year. Her ability to develop people is outstanding, and I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone seeking to improve their leadership capability.

Pat Hanrahan

Group CEO, Southern Hospitality Group

We engaged Rebecca to support the organisation, improve our effectiveness at individual and team levels – we never imagined the amount of positive impact it would have.

Productivity, interpersonal relationships, removal of inhibitions to ask honest and direct questions to anyone within the organisation have all improved.

Simon Gordon

GM, Acton International Marketing Ltd

Financial services industry

Our Final Thoughts
Peter Churchouse: Financial Advisor Craig's Investment Partners

“The Paradigm experience challenged our thinking beyond what we thought and lead us to look outside the square.

This is the best programme I have ever experienced over my entire career.  I have been to and seen a lot of programmes but this one stands out as being the best investment by far.”

Gretchen Williamson: FInancial Advisor Craig's Investment Partners

“At the end of the day we all want to grow our business – you want to know where you are going, and how you can get there. Rebecca gave us the tools to action that and more importantly she was working bedside us the whole way.’

Leadership coaching

Seala Misa: Solicitor with Wynard Wood

“The private mentoring programme gave me a clearer understanding of where I was going with my career and life. I am much more focussed and energised as a result. I was able to recognise the the tools I had were not working and I needed to recalibrate and re set my patterns of behaviour.

I gained new tools and inner strength to deal with this. We focussed a lot on tasks, priorities and more effective systems to manage my day to day workload as well and strategies for delegating. We developed a functional practical business development  plan with a more modern approach for today’s lawyers and clients.

We mastered my expertise and developed the message and market for where this is best suited Overall an intensive and valuable programme. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to shift their practice forward.”

Public sector industry

Glenda Parata: Group Manager Defence Shared Services Group

Defence Logistic Command

“Rebecca has been working with some of the leadership team in the Shared Services division of Defence Force last year. She has worked with us at an individual manager level and team level delivering on the brief of developing leadership skills and working with their teams to increase customer service levels and divisional efficiencies.

We are looking forward to further developing these skills and others this year continuing work with the Paradigm Team.”

Mandy Carian: Executive PA New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

(6 month programme )

“I was introduced to Paradigm Shift through a work course and Rebecca’s presentation was the highlight of the day.  I signed up for her Mentoring programme. Rebecca is simply brilliant – she is approachable inspiring practical and just a really really nice person.
The programme was practically based and gave me a vast range of tools and strategies to get me headed in the right direction in both my professional and personal life.
Return on Investment –  one of the things that is difficult to committing to this programme is that the benefits are intangible. It’s hard to imagine what you will come away with.
However the investment was worth every cent. The 3 shifts for me overall were that I gained a whole lot more confidence to make the changes in order to grow more.
I still see Rebecca once a month in Wellington where we catch up for coffee – just love it.”

What is it about Rebecca that you felt most comfortable about?
Rebecca is someone who is really easy to talk to.

Would you recommend Rebecca to others? And Why?
Absolutely! Rebecca is brilliant at identifying key issues, giving tools and strategies for dealing with them and giving you the kick start necessary to make the changes in your life that you need.

What 3 things would you say you have benefited from the most?
Practical tools and strategies, helping to change my thought patterns and giving me the confidence I need to move forward in my life.

What value do you think Rebecca and could add to the Mentoring programme?
Can’t think of anything!

Did you feel compromised with Paradigm not having any Administration experience?

If you could sum up in 3 words your SHIFT what would that be ?
Confidence, change and growth

Maria O'Neill: Executive PA EQC Wellington

“The personal mentoring programme was extremely worthwhile- it was based on personal experiences and the real person and therefore real results. The four main shifts for me are:

  • Got to see how I was thinking and how it was affecting me
  • Learning to say NO – I am fabulous and its ok to say that
  • Feel lighter – i no longer feel guilty
  • I am so much more present and open

Definitely  5/5 – the whole programme and structure combination of Skype and face to face sessions worked well. I am transformed and am recommending her to others who have seen the changes in me.”

Real estate industry

Robyn Ellson: Ray White Ponsonby

“I would go as far to say this programme is an out and out must for any professional seeking great success both personally and professionally. Life today is busy, and we are not necessarily equipped to manage these competing demands. Rebecca’s experienced perspective on these challenges is like a guiding light. Bringing Rebecca onto your team is an investment in you and your vision for how you want your life to work.”


The 3 main gains are :
  • Rebecca has given me an incredible insight into how to take my business to the next level. Not only that she has equipped me with the knowledge of my own self to ensure I can handle the load and become an inspiring leader.
  • Rebecca has raised the bar on what I felt was possible to achieve, and with that I have felt myself shift to the next level – both on a professional and personal level – as these two facets of our lives are very entwined.
  • I feel so lucky to have stumbled on Rebecca, she has been an incredible mentor to me and has helped me through some incredibly tough business decisions, at a time when I was managing a great deal.  If you are looking for true changes in your business and not a bandaid,  you need to meet Rebecca.

Business industry

Daniel Thurston: CEO at GiKoo

“My litmus test for her effectiveness was not that I admired what I saw but that affected individuals who were initially resistant to her strategies and methodologies universally became her admirers and advocates. Rebecca is a high calibre change agent.”

Lisa Lloyd Taylor: Epicurean Wines

“Rebecca brought a highly energised and focused approach to her project with us. Our business required an overarching strategy to focus the existing management and staff and create a positive environment. The support given to management from Rebecca to make some difficult decisions, to strategise moving forwards and implement change was invaluable.  I would recommend Rebecca for any business serious about turing the chaos into a state of calm and control.”

Phillipa Walte: GM Laerdal NZL

“Rebecca is a dynamic and energetic business coach and mentor.  Her leadership experience and ability to easily connect with people motivates positive and meanginful changes across teams and with individuals.”

Peter Cook: Thought Leaders Global

“Rebecca has extensive knowledge across all areas of business – from managing budgets and cash-flow, building healthy culture, strong business process strategy and leadership.

Rebecca’s business acumen and experience being in a varied number of GM/ CEO roles in different industries brings diversity and a wealth of wisdom to any new GM and I would highly recommend her to anyone in that role.”

Richard Cheeseman: LUME Managing Director

“Rebecca offered a very different process with extraordinary value. It was a very personal approach and we got to understand Who we are and What we bring to the business – we were continually looking at things from a different perspective and we got very clear on needing structured measurements in place. Very Powerful questioning techniques. Just loved it!”

Rod Buchecker: Brand Strategy Expert

“Rebecca is a brilliant communicator who is able to cut through the stuff that doesn’t matter and identify what will SHIFT an individual or a business to greater success. She is skilled at motivating individuals and helping them see what they are really good at and what they can improve on. This is a gift to anyone who seeks to engage her.”

Robyn Potts: Accountant

“She bought in new policies and projects which motivated everyone, upped the work ethic and created an excellent team environment. A master of multi- tasking and has the ability to understand what’s happening across all areas of the business at once. She is a wonderful supportive coach.”

Peter & Gretchen : Full Length

Business New Zealand / Australia


Infoactiv needed to embark on a major sales and marketing initiative within the business, essentially flipping the current DNA of the business to achieve growth targets. Rebecca (PS) had the skills, relevant experience, energy and connection with team needed to drive the change. She worked on site in Melbourne and also when back in New Zealand and the difference was, she is hands-on and personally committed to the end goal, engaged in a way that is not the norm for consultants.

Helen Jarman

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