Human-Centred Leadership series | Auckland – 24 February, 11 March, 21 April 2020

‘Business as usual’ leadership is failing fast. Traditional business and government structures are collapsing, and are not coping with a new world, where technology and climate issues alike are reinventing the way we work and act.

Thought leaders Rebecca Morris and Andrew Melville have joined forces to produce this workshop that gets to the heart of how to lead in a world of ambiguity and uncertainty.

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Personal Coaching with Rebecca

Get a feel for our dealRebecca Morris is available for 60 minute personal coaching sessions via Skype, or face to face in her studio.


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Empower Me by Rebecca Morris

Empower Me: The magic is in believing it’s possible

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Many who have experienced adversity and trauma in their life often do not turn their lives around to pay it forward for others. So I am delighted to endorse this inspirational woman because quite frankly she has every right to not be the extraordinarily transformed leader that she is. She is a true pioneer in the area of transformational leadership. Those committed to evolving as a leader are invited to read this book, it will shift your perspective on your life and in turn your business.
Sally Anderson, Founder Evolved Leadership
Download Chapter 8 of Empower Me: Burnout – The importance of being emotionally and physically “match fit” in business
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