SHIFT to the silver bullet

SHIFT to the silver bullet

All of us in business talk about providing good customer service. Some of us even achieve it.

Others pretend they do a great job and some are woefully behind the 8 ball – in my opinion some retailers and telcos have a lot of work to do in this regard.

The thing is this – if customer service is key to the success of our business I reckon it should be a no-brainer to understand who our client base are and have an understanding of their profile. Easy.

Survey your existing clients with meaningful questions to understand how they really feel about your service. Then look at the message you send to your profile market (not features benefits or products/services) and more importantly, ask how does my profile market (you may well have more than one ) want to receive this message?

This is the piece I see missing. We send the same message to everyone at the same time. Times have changed, people are time poor. They want results and a good experience. They want to know you care enough but not too much and that you understand them. They can make a decision on whether something is right for them in a split second.

The Silver bullet is this:
Customer service is an outcome of your business development programme. When you get the right message to the right profile and market in the way they want it received, this will drive the customer experience every time. People refer when the experience is right for them.

So do you have the Silver bullet in place in your business?

Are you providing the right message? What is your business development plan really achieving?

Love to hear your thoughts so leave them here.

It’s time to Silver bullet your customer experience.

Until next week,


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because in her corporate career she repeatedly observed leaders choosing to let chaos reign rather than work out strategies for effective change. Or put simply – poor leadership.

With a background in educational psychology, roles as CEO, sales executive, business coach, business owner and teacher, Rebecca uses her proven experience and insights along with her practical tool box to get results.

Rebecca observes human behaviour and associated patterns and enables leaders to become present to their patterns through her IP, Observational Intelligence (OI). Rebecca uses her 'cycle of interruption' approach to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.

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