SHIFT to integrity

SHIFT to integrity

INTEGRITY defines your potential

We had a discussion at the dinner table on what topic should I write about this week in my blog. My 6 year old was quick to answer, “Mum – write about your life. That’s so interesting. Just be real about life.”

I have been doing some research on the most powerful leaders worldwide and why they are? It is really interesting. The main message that came through from these leaders was similar. Be the best you can be but be real and be yourself.

Really easy to read but how do we actually do that?

It would appear to me that in order to be integrous, we have to first be honest with ourselves. Are we actually doing what we want to do and are passionate about? If not, then we need to ask why not?

If we are in business regardless of it being our own or working for others, and the work environment is not right for us but we still stay on trying to make it better, we can adjust our behaviour to make it work better. We sweep things under the rug in the hope it will all go away. But there will come a time when we have to question our own integrity around why we stay or we leave for supposed greener pastures only to find it’s not really any different.

Sometimes, we have to make a decision to go backwards before we can move forwards.

An example of this is Zac Guilford, an athlete who has enormous rugby potential but his career has been marked by personal issues.

He has just been released from his international contract from Clermont, an affluent rugby club in France where he was remunerated extremely well. On the outside he had money, lifestyle and the kudos of being an All Black playing in France.

However on the inside it was quite different, no family support, language barriers and his personal issues worsened. He decided that he needed to come home to his home town Hawkes Bay and get back to his roots and get the family support he needed. And it is likely he will recover and find the space to be real and honest with himself. He had to take 2 steps back to make 10 steps forward.

So I leave you with this: in what area do you need to take 2 steps back to move 10 steps forward?

I can promise you – if you know what it is and don’t do anything about it, it will continue to exist until you make the decision to take action.

Integrity – it’s time to be real with yourself. My 6 year old was right.

Love to hear your thoughts so leave them here.

Until next week,


Rebecca Morris - Paradigm Shift NZ
As one of New Zealand’s leading experts on shifting performance in business through sustainable change Rebecca believes mindset, conviction and personal accountability are critical to business success regardless of size or industry.

Rebecca’s journey as a business leader while still maintaining personal family balance is key to her success. Over her extensive 25 years in business mainly in IT – where the only thing that remains the same is change, there is little she has not seen or experienced personally.

Rebecca knows just what it takes to be the best and is passionate about enabling other people with the right tools to master their own success.

As an accomplished trusted advisor, coach, speaker, mentor and author she partners with individuals and organisations to create the powerful shifts required in business.

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