SHIFT the wait time

SHIFT the wait time

‘We are sorry but we are expecting higher than usual call wait times at the moment. Your call
is very important to us so if you could please stay on the line or request a call back. Please note we do not make call backs to mobiles. Thank you so much, we appreciate your patience you are really important to us.’

Really? The interpretation:

We don’t have enough staff on to handle the increased demand in calls (whatever time you call it seems to be the same result!). We care about you enough to take your money but not enough to want to call you back while you are making your own money. We would rather have you wait around by a desk phone (seriously, who has one these days?) to take our call. BUT we do care…

Businesses want to generate increased revenue through more sales and more marketing but often don’t consider the flow on effect for customer service and support.

I was trying to book a rental car for my trip to Wellington city this week as I needed to travel out of Wellington to complete a workshop. I went online and tried three different rental companies – I was able to complete the ordering process but at the final submit button it appeared there were no cars in that category (the cheap one) and decided to call customer service.

I followed the instruction and the automated voice came on saying ‘Sorry it’s out of hours we can’t take your call right now – leave a message and we’ll call you back in the morning after 8am.’

No use to me – my plane arrived at 7am.

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate the support process and where the best use of currency is spent. I would rather be referred to another person or site so I could book my car on line when I want (24 hours a day). We are not always working in the NZ time zone.

I have focussed a lot on customer service over the past few weeks as I am continually amazed at how many times it’s being done poorly.

It’s time to SHIFT the result.


Rebecca Morris - Paradigm Shift NZ
As one of New Zealand’s leading experts on shifting performance in business through sustainable change Rebecca believes mindset, conviction and personal accountability are critical to business success regardless of size or industry.

Rebecca’s journey as a business leader while still maintaining personal family balance is key to her success. Over her extensive 25 years in business mainly in IT – where the only thing that remains the same is change, there is little she has not seen or experienced personally.

Rebecca knows just what it takes to be the best and is passionate about enabling other people with the right tools to master their own success.

As an accomplished trusted advisor, coach, speaker, mentor and author she partners with individuals and organisations to create the powerful shifts required in business.

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