SHIFT the team

SHIFT the team

I was talking to a colleague last week and we were discussing Learning People Culture Strategy and how it’s becoming a “negative ” word in larger organisations.

Learning People and Culture silos were created because of the inherent challenges involved with keeping people motivated, developed and managed across an organisation. Some of these silos have become almost a mini business unit in their own right.

Sounds great right? A fully committed growing team of business analysts, strategically focussed project people who excel at their roles in writing strategy, implementing plans and completing effective online training modules and personal development plans. All of this being implemented across all levels and layers of the organisation with the specific aim of challenging and inspiring teams.

In my opinion these over time won’t work. Why?

When you focus so much on pushing a standardised consistent model to teams, it either becomes something that is added to the daily workload of the team manager and becomes just a tick in the box to get completed which defeats the purpose, or, so much preparation goes into the plans but the key criteria or tasks for development are not managed on an on-going basis so very little actually gets monitored or achieved at an individual level.

The result is the employee and most times the manager, remain feeling uninspired and isolated.

When training programmes are run in-house there’s a strong possibility that the content – or rather what is perceived to be the right content – frequently misses the mark in terms of what is actually needed.

The end result – the employee is left demotivated. LPC teams are great at sending positive communications to all employees about how things are going to change within the organisation and yet when the employee has a specific development training requirement, it must fit into the “internal standardised programme”.

The irony is one size does not fit all! The result? Well…

So maybe it’s time to check out whether your learning and development programmes are actually improving the internal culture at a team and individual level.

If you stop to check, you may be surprised at the results. A little more time “on the ground floor” may give the answers you have been searching for. At the end of the day, when you have a team who is connected and committed, collaborative SHIFT will happen and you’ll see the results.

Love to hear your thoughts.

It’s time to SHIFT the team!


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because in her corporate career she repeatedly observed leaders choosing to let chaos reign rather than work out strategies for effective change. Or put simply – poor leadership.

With a background in educational psychology, roles as CEO, sales executive, business coach, business owner and teacher, Rebecca uses her proven experience and insights along with her practical tool box to get results.

Rebecca observes human behaviour and associated patterns and enables leaders to become present to their patterns through her IP, Observational Intelligence (OI). Rebecca uses her 'cycle of interruption' approach to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.

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