SHIFT the resolutions

SHIFT the resolutions

The new year always brings thought provoking times.

Many of us sit reflecting on the year that’s been and make some bold resolutions all in high spirits on the 1st January – usually around spending more time with family, less time at work and a more healthy way of living – i.e. more exercise and weight loss.

Some of us even plan in great detail what we want to achieve in these areas.

And yet most of the time it does not happen. We come back from holidays refreshed and focussed and the old patterns and habits reassert themselves. Or we set ourselves such disciplined rules that it becomes non sustainable and we can’t maintain it and fail.

So how do you set yourself goals that are sustainable and still deliver better performance than last year?

1. Reflect (on the right things)

It’s easy to delude ourselves into what is working well which means we don’t actually address the things that aren’t working. It’s always great to flip things inside out and outside in to get a different perspective.

2. Strategise

We often have these wonderful ideas to run a focussed team strategy day with the purpose of improving team performance, understanding the direction for the year and how it’s going to be measured. A business moves and changes at pace and the finger needs to be on the pulse at all times.

What doesn’t work is when these days are facilitated in house by the business owner and he/she wonders why the real issues are not brought up and the results don’t happen even after a great venue is used and a good time is had. It’s like the New Years resolution. Everybody is keen, lots of new ideas are raised – and no structure is put in place to make it happen.

3. Achieve

It’s easy to give up when we hit the first hurdle of facilitating change. You really have to get a good handle of what’s in the way of making this happen and usually it’s having the conviction to make it happen. It’s all about self recalibration.

We need to constantly tune ourselves and our business all the time it’s not a once a year exercise. Find out what it’s going to take to hit the goals. Get a mentor to help you identify what you want to achieve.

I know that sounds a little self-serving but it’s a bit like taking our cars for a warrant of fitness and service every 6 months so we get better performance from them and they are safe and expecting the mechanic to say none of it is necessary!

SO want results?

  • Get clear on the outcomes you want.
  • Get focussed on the steps you need to take and support you need and do it.
  • Have optimum conviction – this will get you through when you need to dig that little bit more to get results.

And give us a call – 2015 is the year to shift your performance – it’s time to shift you.


Rebecca Morris - Paradigm Shift NZ
As one of New Zealand’s leading experts on shifting performance in business through sustainable change Rebecca believes mindset, conviction and personal accountability are critical to business success regardless of size or industry.

Rebecca’s journey as a business leader while still maintaining personal family balance is key to her success. Over her extensive 25 years in business mainly in IT – where the only thing that remains the same is change, there is little she has not seen or experienced personally.

Rebecca knows just what it takes to be the best and is passionate about enabling other people with the right tools to master their own success.

As an accomplished trusted advisor, coach, speaker, mentor and author she partners with individuals and organisations to create the powerful shifts required in business.

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