SHIFT from being an anybody to a Superbody

SHIFT from being an anybody to a Superbody

How do you do it: go from an anybody to a Superbody when you are providing services in a competitive market?

A real estate colleague of mine gave an example of this the other day. She missed out on a listing because the other agent added more perceived value. She matched everything the competing agent offered but in the end, the agent who got the listing did so because they offered to put a sum of money into clearing out the section, saving the vendor time and hassle. They got the listing.

The chosen agent got clear on the profile of the client and offered value – small in momentary outcome but massive in terms of time for the vendor.

But that is opportunistic. It’s a one-off strategy. They got this one but will they get the next one? What if the next three sections have larger land to clear and is three times the cost?

Superbody chartIf you have a profile where you are known to get top dollar for the vendor and you save them time, the question becomes: Why would a vendor not go with you?

The agent who came up with the clever idea of clearing the section is just an anybody, they are not a Superbody.

They haven’t yet achieved a Superbody profile because they had to tip in money to get the listing. It was a smart way of discounting, but they were not adding actual value.

In this example, the agent who only matched the listing falls into the wannabody category. They had enough profile to get approached but didn’t do much more to get the listing.

So what’s a Superbody?

I know other colleagues who are definitely ‘Superbodies’. We have an example of this. We recently sold a high end property in Auckland and our agent was a true Superbody.


She has significant profile of selling these types of properties consistently in that area for good money. She was the most expensive but she saved us time, our motivator and went well beyond her brief. For example, she went back to our property many times to retrieve our cat who was a dear family pet. She looked after it over night and took it to the airport the next day to ensure she was safely home to her distressed 6 year old owner.

This was after settlement and the transaction was already complete. We recommend her to everyone. You can’t buy that sort of advertising.

So if you are providing services in a competitive market and you are up against discounting and you are tired of being a Wannabody or Anybody then find out more about how we can make you a SUPERBODY.

AND if you are already a Superbody we can show you how to have a Sustainable Superbody and not a one time wonder body.

Until next week,


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because in her corporate career she repeatedly observed leaders choosing to let chaos reign rather than work out strategies for effective change. Or put simply – poor leadership.

With a background in educational psychology, roles as CEO, sales executive, business coach, business owner and teacher, Rebecca uses her proven experience and insights along with her practical tool box to get results.

Rebecca observes human behaviour and associated patterns and enables leaders to become present to their patterns through her IP, Observational Intelligence (OI). Rebecca uses her 'cycle of interruption' approach to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.

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