regenerate U

regenerate U

What do we think of when we hear regenerate? The dictionary meaning is “to radically change for the better, to renew or to grow again”.

This is the first in this blog series purely for women. My intent is for us to share the ideas and concepts with other like minded women over coffee or perhaps with those who we know need a little extra support right now.

Regeneration is a word that has been in my vision over the past four weeks and I am energised by it.

Fourteen weeks ago we moved from the North Island where I have lived all my life to the top of the South Island. After the summer honeymoon period wore off and I was back into business everything changed. The fear of the unknown, living in a much smaller city and figuring out how I would continue to work with my clients in Auckland and Wellington while in residing in another location. It was a paradigm shift to the way I had worked in the past. I felt discombobulated.

A colleague suggested I write again so I started writing every day – whatever came to mind and how I felt about everything.

It was time for me to shift. I had become stagnant where I was. I had everything I could possibly want or need materially but it wasn’t enough any more. I felt tired, ground down, cluttered, and generally unhappy with ME.

The messages from my writing were clear and specific. I needed to do 3 things.

1. Gratitude journal

Taking time to write 3 things daily I was grateful for and continue with other writing as it evolved. There is much personal power in this exercise.

2. Regenerate my Passion

Through the writing I was able to rediscover my outlet, the things that I had pushed aside because there was never enough time. As women we are constantly looking after everyone else and we don’t put ourselves first.

My goal when I was 30 was to sing in a band and play the keyboard. I hadn’t touched my keyboard in 2 years and singing well… A vocal coach appeared in my sphere and I have committed to taking lessons to start the journey to unleash the music in me that’s been buried for years. I feel energised. I will be part of a band this year.

3. Nourish Self

I felt like I had let myself go emotionally. It was time to learn to meditate and do yoga, two things that I avoided because my perception was that running, and high cardio activity was much more time efficient and better. I didn’t have time for yoga, imagine being in a room for 90 minutes and having to be still. I went to my first Yoga class last week. I am a convert.

The more we hide behind the “busy-ness” of the day, the more trapped we feel, the less we actually get to be clear on our purpose and what we want. Before we know it, time has flown by and we are left with unfulfilled dreams and passions.

I hear often, “I wish I could have gone here, done this or taken a different path” or when children who have grown up and left we feel alone and unsure of what to do next.

What can you do differently?

Firstly STOP and be still for 10 minutes and ask yourself three questions. Writing will guide you.

1. Where am I am stagnant ? Where do I feel drained and unfulfilled?

2. What are three things can I do to take some ownership back in these areas?

3. If I was regenerated, what would that look like? Am I prepared to do what it takes to make the changes necessary?

The hardest part to all this is making a decision to take the first step. The action is actually the easiest piece.

So take the first step today towards regenerating U. Love to hear what you are going to do differently.

When you invest in U everyone else benefits.

With gratitude,


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because in her corporate career she repeatedly observed leaders choosing to let chaos reign rather than work out strategies for effective change. Or put simply – poor leadership.

With a background in educational psychology, roles as CEO, sales executive, business coach, business owner and teacher, Rebecca uses her proven experience and insights along with her practical tool box to get results.

Rebecca observes human behaviour and associated patterns and enables leaders to become present to their patterns through her IP, Observational Intelligence (OI). Rebecca uses her 'cycle of interruption' approach to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.

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