SHIFTing performance for women.

Supporting women on the planet so we can own and be present to our own greatness – Always.

Let’s get personal. Rebecca’s unique skill set gives her the ability to create personal leadership programmes developed specifically for women, recognising the unique challenges we face and providing meaningful pathways to shifting both personal and professional performance.

  • Keynote speaking
  • One to one leadership coaching
  • Mindset coaching 
  • Intensive personal development days 
  • Personal brand development 
  • Supporting women in trauma mode
  • One to many seminars, events and workshops
  • Free online community groups 
  • Group coaching 

Rebecca says…

 Women have an infinite capacity to deliver in workplace environments. Part of my purpose is to support women to live fully, not only owning their whole self but being true to what they want.


Growing up, I learnt very quickly that I learnt things the wrong way around. If you think about a set of traffic lights, for me, green was stop and red was go. My life has been about having to learn things the hard way and back the front, always learning back the front had me seen as a slow learner, but in fact I was incredibly fast- it was jut a different order of doing and processing things.

My superpower is being able to expertly “see” through OI ( observational intelligence ) what is going on at your core layer and help you to identify where it came from your triggers so we can shift it to give your power back.

At the core of who we are is this belief called self- belief and I want to unlock that for everyone of you and support you in the process of making whatever changes we need to have you fizzing and owning your place in the world.

I am grateful to be able to do the work I love, every day. My purpose is to wake people up, reconnect organisations and set the world on a new path.

My first book Empower Me: The magic is in believing it’s possible and my second book 

Wonder Women – What the hell happened – making sense of our place in the world is now available through our store. 


Kind words…

 I just wanted to say thank you for the assistance you provided me in relation to my career. The process map we came up with has really helped me focus on what I am looking for in a job. I’ve already had an interview where I could practice highlighting my key strengths. The 3 sessions we had have really given me the confidence to go out and apply for the roles that I want. 


I met Rebecca when I was in dark place and didn’t recognize my image. I instantly connected with Rebecca, felt safe and was able to unpack some of ugly, reframing my life story into a positive space. When I reflect on my experience with Rebecca this quote by Nan Henderson speaks volumes. “Resilience, the ability of each of us to bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful”. 


Join me for an initial consultation session:

Rebecca Morris is available for 60 minute personal coaching sessions via Skype, or face to face in her studio. 

An initial 15 minute consultation is complimentary.

Email us or call us on 0800 607 793 to discuss or book your session. 

Upcoming events

Workshop: activate your personal brand

Two days. 
Workshop your personal brand and dig into shifting your mindset and performance.
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Workshop: activate Women in Leadership

One day. Locations and dates on enquiry. Let’s look to activate women in organisations.
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