MORE. 2023 Limited Early Release VIP Pricing


MORE 2023: Lifting the Lid

A chance to deep dive into organisations and see what’s really impacting organisational climates across industries and what can be done to address these behaviours.


The MORE 2023 Summit date has been set – to secure your entry into the VIP early release pricing $100 – which will discounted below early bird rates – purchase online from this page, or get in touch for an invoice.

What is MORE?

MORE is about real people doing real things and effecting real change.

Rebecca Morris founded MORE. in 2017 because she wanted to be the catalyst for change at an individual, organisation and community level. MORE. is an annual summit with topical themes that need to be addressed.

MORE is about HOW we make change happen as individuals but more powerfully as a collective.

Collectively Powerful poster - Paradigm Shift

Payment Terms

Early Release VIP ticket deposits are non-refundable. Invoiced deposits must be paid in full by the 20th of the following month.



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