Invest in yourself – Master your Mindset | Christchurch, Oct – Nov 2018

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2018 is the year of increased empowerment and strength in being able to tackle change and disruption in a positive way.
Join us for three 3½ hour workshops to clear the overwhelming blocks in the way, gain clarity and get the fire in your belly so you can claim your space being you, being extraordinary.

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3 Step Programme to Mindset Mastery

Rebecca is the expert when it comes to learning how to master your mindset and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Rebecca’s first book Empower Me is all about mindset – you are what you think and your beliefs and behaviours determine the results you get in life.

We will only be running these workshops twice this year. They are run over a 6 week time frame so attendees can get go back and integrate the tools learned in the sessions and be able to report back and learn more strategies.

“Paradigm Shift events are excellent. An example of a valuable learning I took out of the ‘Master your Mindset’ half day workshop related to default-based behaviours. This powerful knowledge gained gave me the power to act in a positive way to an existing workplace issue, resulting in a deepened working relationship. Problem solved.”
– Assistant Bank Manager


All three Workshops will be held in The Acorn Room at The Atrium in the Park (Hagley Netball Courts) 455 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch.

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Step One – 9th Oct: Mindset Identity Settings

Date – Tuesday 9th Oct 2018.
Time – 1.00pm – 4.30pm

• Identifying your core motivators, your energetic imprint, core DNA and values to gain clarity on what you want in business and personal life and understand how these contribute to the results showing up for you today. Identify the linkage to behaviour patterns.
• Understanding your learned default identity setting behaviour, where it comes from, why it shows up and how it impacts your performance in business.
• Acquiring tools to help you overcome any  behaviour patterns and shift to a more productive state for yourself and your team.

Step Two – 23rd October: Communication, Confidence, Competence

Date – Tuesday 23rd October, 2018
Time – 1.00pm – 4.30pm

• Understand what your  default listening modality is and why it shows up
• Learn what your triggers are and gain clarity on creating linkages between your learned and new behaviours
• Create more powerful outcomes from understanding how to engage with your team members at a non-personal level. Perception versus perspective. What’s real and What’s in the drama.
• Get communication tools and strategies to pull out for every situation. Choose a tool to trial for homework and be prepared to share in session 3. What worked, What didn’t and Why.

Step Three – 20th November: Mindset Mastery

Date – Tuesday 20th November, 2018
Time – 1.00pm – 4.30pm

Reviewing your personal mindset mastery toolbox and bringing all the strategies together to overcome situations when you feel powerless to make a change.

• Own your own communication style including how to disengage conversations that are not productive TODAY.
• Learn strategies to empower others to get better outcomes
• Understand how to communicate to get what you want
• Do you have control of your identity in the workplace? How do you know? Create a power map of your own identity.


The three Workshops are $500.00 + gst per person for single registrations.
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“I found it really great to build on and go more in depth from the original presentation. I got a lot out of the whole workshop and think that the 3 hour time frame was good. Rebecca is an energetic and engaging speaker and very personable and approachable. Would love to attend another workshop.”
– Amelia Lindsay
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand



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