Empower Me: The magic is in believing it’s possible

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Empower Me: The magic is in believing it’s possible

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The book is purely about my journey and how it framed and shaped my life both personally and professionally.

I believe that it’s all about mindset. You are what you think. Your beliefs, behaviours and decisions condition your success. Sometimes you have to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the core of why you do what you do in order to change. It is the real raw version of my highs and lows as well coupled with humour and directness that make it an interesting read. Everyone will be able to identify with something and get some tools to take action in their own life.

Many who have experienced adversity and trauma in their life often do not turn their lives around to pay it forward for others. So I am delighted to endorse this inspirational woman because quite frankly she has every right to not be the extraordinarily transformed leader that she is. She is a true pioneer in the area of transformational leadership. Those committed to evolving as a leader are invited to read this book, it will shift your perspective on your life and in turn your business.

Sally Anderson, Founder Evolved Leadership

Rebecca realised that to experience happiness she had to completely change her view of herself. Only then would the fundamental changes she wanted to experience occur. It was from this exploration of her inner world that Paradigm Shift was created. Her philosophy: to make fundamental shifts in your life you have to shift your self-perception. Rebecca is now committed to helping all those like her who are ready to ask the important questions of life. She helps others from all walks of life to shift into what they want to experience, achieving success from the inside out.

Lucille Henry – PhD

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