Pre-Summit Workshop: Your Voice

Decode the inner critic and unlock the pathways to your success

Facilitated by energy expert Deb Rowley and behaviour change expert Rebecca Morris

Deb Rowley Rebecca Morris

In today’s pressured work environments, it can be difficult to understand what you are striving to achieve. Being part of a trans-generational culture can sometimes lead us to feeling misunderstood and mistaken for being undervalued in our organisations.


Registration 8.30am – 9am – Morning tea and coffee and pastries on arrival
Fully catered day.

Your Voice

Over the course of this powerhouse day, we will help elevate your ability to speak powerfully with conviction on the topics that resonate for you. The day is designed to be totally immersive enabling you to share your personal and professional experiences and insights.

    Together we will:

  • Learn how to create space in a cluttered and busy mind
  • Understand the power of the inner voice and how to harness it to gain clearer focus
  • Hear each of the concerns you have today in getting heard and as a group collectively use our superpowers to embrace solutions to have you show up and be more present
  • Reflect on how to gain more power and ownership to be the voice.
  • Understand how often your own self talk gets in the way of creating a powerful discussion and learn tools to effectively manage this when it shows up – always.
    You will learn how to:

  • Position yourself so your contribution is valued by your organisation
  • Gain clarity on what’s important to you in your work environment and how to get it easily
  • Unpack any self doubt and replace with self confidence
  • Create a safe space where you can speak truthfully on what you want and need, to have you being understood and heard
  • Create a more powerful leadership presence

This action packed day is intense with a combination of learning, self-reflection, live coaching and group work, it will be the perfect pre-summit investment in yourself.

You are the voice. You are worth it. Your contribution is valuable. You are enough.

If you wish to be considered for some live coaching on the day in the group click here and tell us what you would like some help with.

The class numbers are limited so make sure you get your ticket reserved now.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Fresh from the Pre-Summit Workshop, I’d just like to say thank you. ‘Investment’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

What a fantastic day, incredibly beneficial, confronting and empowering. We came in energised, and quickly had our preconceptions of ourselves stripped away to the very essence of what our “self” is made from.

There were tears, unexpected (and at times exhausting) emotions, truths exposed that we didn’t even know we had – but which needed to be confronted before creating a basis from which we can begin to grow into our authentic selves – as women, as team members, and as future leaders.

Ainslie H

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