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We know that business as usual leadership is not working any more. Organisations are looking for new paradigms to navigate between old patterns, innovative technology and the complexity in managing multiple generations in the workplace. There is so much focus on what must be done at a task level we are forgetting to observe what is actually going on with our employees and their development. This in turn is creating exhausted employees, confusion in workload outputs, task focused leaders and disconnected cultures.

Rebecca says…

Toxic cultures aren’t inevitable or sustainable and leaders need to do what it takes to lead. I don’t do the Status Quo. It’s time to step up and change – so sit up and get listening.

Turning Leaders into Business Legends 

We have a range of leadership programmes. From executive coaching through to our immersion leadership pods designed to give choice around size, focus areas, timeframes and investment. Delivered virtually, onsite or a combination of both.


Executive Coaching Programme

We offer a limited number of 6 month and 10 month exclusive Executive Coaching programmes.

These programmes are for executives who are totally committed to changing up their own leadership to make impactful contributions to themselves, their family, leadership teams and organisations. These are customised, delivered confidentially and successfully online. They offer 24/7 access to Rebecca – what we know is that often the requirement for coaching happens outside of the weekly coaching sessions.

We offer a private consultation to discuss your unique needs.

Email Rebecca directly to arrange your complimentary chat.

Twelve months ago we asked Rebecca to help us improve the level of capability and professionalism of our people leaders through a program of both group and one-on-one coaching. Over that time I’ve come to appreciate that she is exceptional at what she does. She is highly astute, and has a deep understanding of how business both do and should operate.

Rebecca is highly engaging and energised in everything she does and seems to relish the difficult challenges that most people would avoid. She has been transformational for our business, and I consider engaging her to have been our best investment for the year. Her ability to develop people is outstanding, and I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone seeking to improve their leadership capability.

Pat Hanrahan

Group CEO, Southern Hospitality Group

POWER Up Leadership coaching programme

For those looking for a shorter, more intensive Leadership Coaching programme, we offer a 3 month coaching programme. This is suitable for a range of leaders from those who are stepping into leadership roles for the first time, existing leaders who need a little more support in leading and developing themselves and their teams. This programme is packed with a tool box of practical, actionable tools and strategies to deliver results in the focus areas.

The programmes are customised to suit the outcomes required. Book a time to discuss what you are looking for.

Email us here to book your time for a complimentary chat.

No fluff. Rebecca teaches personal development techniques so humans learn how to operate in a way that improves performance. This has meant demonstrable personal and professional growth for me, our team, and the organisation.
Daniel Harrison

Director - Operations

Leadership Brand

If you want an intensive burst to one or more of your leaders who might need some help with identifying their leadership behavioural profile including an understanding on where to focus for immediate help, identifying and resetting your own trigger cycle and sabotage patterns, defining how your brain processes information and how to share with others for more impactful communication and confidently owning your own leadership brand positioning and how to be more confident then this 4 session intensive block of coaching may be for you.

Individual one to one one hour sessions online with practice work in between the sessions

$1,495 plus gst

Contact us directly if you would like to run your leadership team through something like this.

I am truly grateful for your generous sharing of your passion, IP and investment in not only my personal growth but the immense contribution  you make to our organisation. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given in the leadership development journey that our organisation is and has been on with you. Even in the moments where my default kicks in, I can see the vision so clearly for our people. I see where I can interrupt the cycle I know that your work has given me the skills to pick myself up and recalibrate. 
I am truly grateful. You are an amazing leader. There is much more work to be done.
Jo D

Mindset Behaviour Individual Coaching

Identify, Unpack and Reset behavioural patterns

If you are feeling stuck or maybe struggling with confidence, anxiety or feeling down, the good news is we can help you move through this. We offer one-to-one 60 minute coaching sessions, online or face-to-face where we unpack your mindset patterns, interrupt the cyclic patterns, unlearn the behaviour and relearn new tools that are easy to implement.

We use a range of tools from EFT Tapping, visualisation techniques and practical strategies.

Single Consultation $300 plus GST »

I feel happier and lighter. My headache has cleared, heart is full of love and my eyes have dried up. I have found freedom, amazing strength and courage, clarity, energy, leadership and empowerment. 

Thanks heaps for your wisdom and for assisting clear the way. Love your work even more. 

Fran M

Leadership Pods

We developed this immersion style learning that brings co-creation in leadership functional teams. We work with GMs and team leads together to promote trust, connection and performance. These Pods bring leadership groups together in a much shorter time frame than working independently as leadership groups. We have a proven formula that fosters good performance growth and strong leadership. These can be delivered either on site or online.

If you are looking to build team cohesion, forming a new team, blending tiers of leaders or looking to bring a collection of diverse thinking minds together or wanting to focus on specific leadership development including personal awareness and the need to understand behaviours and how to communicate and manage these within teams, these PODs can be perfect

Contact us for a complimentary discussion so we can customise an offering that works for you.

Shift to Limitless thinking – our Group Leadership Coaching Programme

This is a chance for leaders who have been through any of the Paradigm coaching programmes – this is a unique opportunity to be part of shifting to limitless thinking.

A chance to meet monthly for 6 months for new leadership tools to lead self, lead team with a focus on emotional resilience.

This is also a chance to connect with others from different organisations. You will be given reading, a journal and tasks to implement between sessions.

If you really want to evolve to your next level, then this programme might be what you’re looking for.

Contact us to get the coaching programme and time line.

This is a new offering and starts in September 2022. Maximum 12 people.

Your commitment is 90 minutes on-line a month and 1-2 hours a week between sessions.
Cost: $850 plus gst

Doing Culture… right…

Doing culture right goes deeper than just having the right model. We work to interrupt and reset behavioural patterns and remodel relationships by using practical hands on, easily implemented strategies to transform mindsets and create healthy high performing cultures.

We unlock your boxed in thinking and see things from a new paradigm. 

Find out more about our three step process:
1. Discover
2. Interrupt
3. Reset

Managing employees well-being is paramount and we are able to help you with customising a programme that works across your organisation ensuring that business as usual continues whilst keeping employees well.

Your health and safety policy programme may tick the boxes, but we shift it one additional dimensional – we can help with understanding psychosocial hazards – which are the social organisational content and can cause psychological harm – things like bullying, social isolation, performance anxiety, behavioural patterns tolerated, depression. We can equip your leaders with the right tools to be able to observe, manage and navigate these situations confidently.

Team Development and Profiling

Paradigm Shift Team Development

Developing and retaining teams is critical to get right. Understand how to develop leadership teams and individuals through behaviour profiling, practical individual and team development models that integrate into performance management systems.

Build self awareness, insights and actionable outcomes that are easily measurable.

If you have specific individual profiling needs – understanding behaviour profiling across roles, contact us to find out more about the affordable tool we use. We have customers who use us for every new hire or team development opportunity.

We provide a 15 minute verbal report of patterns to understand the profile or a more in-depth analysis at an individual or organisational focus.

We’ve recently introduced OMINA’s across our whole organisation. Staff have highly valued the insights it has provided for them into their teams, and also into how their manager works. There have many AHA moments, and genuine new found understanding of why events may have unfolded in the way they did – and decisions made to tackle things differently in the future. It’s generated discussion in the canteen as staff are eager to understand their fellow workers. I’ve even had staff use it as part of an interview process to help explain their approach to staff management and how to get the best out of them by their managers. All up, I’d highly recommend OMNIA as a “way of working” profiling tool, and Paradigm Shift have been outstanding in its delivery.
Karen Smylie

People and Wellness Manager

How to Profile like an FBI Expert

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 12.00pm – 1.00pm (maximum 12 people)

Team development is critical to any organisation and so is understanding brand, behaviours and patterns. Join us online.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12 midday to 1 pm.

Learn how to forensically analyse your leadership peers and team members to develop stronger peer and team development.

As an added bonus, you will receive your own leadership behaviour profile to explore. (valued at $75 )

Maximum 12 people.

The Neurochange Method

I am excited to be only one of 2 expert practitioners certified in training in the Neurochange Method in New Zealand.

The Neuro Change Method is a New Brain and Mind Change Process to Help Clients Transform Their Lives.

Staggering advances in Mind Sciences have led us to the Neuro Change Method™, which you can use to help your clients adapt, recover, and emerge as a ‘New Person.’ The Neuro Change Method’s common themes strongly contribute to the Zeitgeist of our moment, which is the move to Evidence-based Personal Development.

Certification Programme

Become certified as an expert in developing your leadership teams in your organisation using our framework.

If you are responsible for training, organisational development, passionate about leading human development or a business consultant wanting to add additional products to your business, consider getting trained in our Paradigm Shift methodology.

We offer 2 intakes a year and an opportunity to join our invitation mastery course where we focus on teaching you how to intuitively coach to promote individual emotional and mental wellness.

How do organisations make “hybrid working” successful?

The Covid epidemic, continual lock downs, an inability to travel, managing employee health and wellbeing and increasing costs including inflation are making organisations seriously question their current flexible working policies.

Read more in our PDF download below.

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Kind words…

We have been using Rebecca and Paradigm Shift for the past 7  years. We bring her in when we need some expertise in changing behaviours at either a leadership, team or individual level. She is able to quickly get individuals to see what is not working and more importantly why it’s not working and make the necessary behaviour shifts required. She is an expert when resetting cultures and her experience is evident in the results we get.


Rebecca also works with our leaders to help create their own leadership brand and become better more focused, real and engaged leaders.

Rebecca’s approach is real, the teams engage with her and she is focused on getting us the results we need.


I would highly recommend Rebecca to any government or corporate organisation where they are serious about making change.

Glenda Parata
Director, Defence Shared Services Group,
New Zealand Defence Force

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