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We know that business as usual leadership is not working any more. Organisations are looking for new paradigms to navigate between old patterns, innovative technology and the complexity in managing multiple generations in the workplace. There is so much focus on what must be done at a task level we are forgetting to observe what is actually going on with our employee and their development. This in turn is creating exhausted employees, confusion in workload outputs, task focused leaders and disconnected cultures.

We observe human behaviour and associated patterns. We get leaders and organisations present to their patterns through Rebecca’s ip – Observational Intelligence (OI) framework. 

 We use the code of observation and cycle of interruption to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms, creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.  We navigate chaos. Our processes start with getting everything on the table; all the elements that seem both relevant and irrelevant for an organisation and its leadership. Rebecca takes people on a journey “all around the world” to leave no stone unturned then navigate change and offer direction and order in today’s complex world. She is about moving the complicated to the complex.

Observational Intelligence is the key baseline to all our programmes. We know that organisations want a solution. It is not just being given a direction to do set things in a linear way. The solution is the journey and the realisations through an intuitive discovery process, thinking on the fly, practical outcomes and working with what is in front of us, is Observational Intelligence.

We  have a variety of LEADERSHIP programmes designed to give clients choice around the areas they want to specifically focus on for their leadership teams and organisations and also time frames.

Our leadership programmes cover OI as a baseline module and Leadership Brand, Mindset, Connect Communication- Courage, conflict, connect,  Resilience, Remote Leadership, Leadership pods,  Team Development, Culture Reset, Decision making/ Ownership as just a few. We bring new innovative leadership tools that allow for practical immediate implementation.

We offer:

  • Cultural and behavioural discovery programmes
  • Leadership edge programmes for emerging and experienced leaders
  • Seminars, workshops and customised in house programmes across the public and private sectors
  • One-to-one intensive coaching
  • Change programme development and implementation
  • Supporting leaders leading through trauma state
  • Speaking ( inspirational and customised )


We deliver through:

  • one day intensive trauma development day
  • one hour mindset sessions
  • 1-2 day workshops
  • 3 month programme
  • 6 month programme
  • 10 month programme
  • full customised  onsite programme 
  • executive and personal leadership one to one programmes
  • Speaking – to your team, team day, conferences or keynote events. 



Rebecca says…

Toxic cultures aren’t inevitable or sustainable, and leaders need to do what it takes to lead. I don’t do the Status Quo. It’s time to step up and change – so sit up and get listening.

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Kind words…

We have been using Rebecca and Paradigm Shift for the past 5 years. We bring her in when we need some expertise in changing behaviours at either a leadership, team or individual level. She is able to quickly get individuals to see what is not working and more importantly why it’s not working and make the necessary behaviour shifts required. She is an expert when resetting cultures and her experience is evident in the results we get.


Rebecca also works with our leaders to help create their own leadership brand and become better more focused, real and engaged leaders.

Rebecca’s approach is real, the teams engage with her and she is focused on getting us the results we need.


I would highly recommend Rebecca to any government or corporate organisation where they are serious about making change.

Glenda Parata
Director, Defence Shared Services Group,
New Zealand Defence Force

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