SHIFTing leaders and cultures

Some of Our Clients

We deliver focussed and inspired individuals, committed and connected teams and engaged businesses with effective leaders. Along with proven structured programmes, we tailor solutions to suit the needs of individuals and businesses. Once we know what you want to achieve we can SHIFT you and your business to get there. We achieve this through one-to-one programmes for private mentoring and business coaching and one-to-many programmes for businesses through facilitation via seminars, workshops, speaking and advising.

Peter Churchouse: Financial Advisor Craig’s Investment Partners

“The Paradigm experience challenged our thinking beyond what we thought and lead us to look outside the square.

This is the best programme I have ever experienced over my entire career. I have been to and seen a lot of programmes but this one stands out as being the best investment by far.”

Gretchen Williamson: Financial Advisor Craig’s Investment Partners

“At the end of the day we all want to grow our business – you want to know where you are going, and how you can get there. Rebecca gave us the tools to action that and more importantly she was working bedside us the whole way.’

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