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Why time and being offline are the new luxuries

Why time and being offline are the new luxuries

I was lucky to speak last week all around the country on the topic Tomorrow's Workplaces and what the changes will be in organisations in order to achieve a high performing healthy culture. There are so many buzz words out there when it comes to people and culture....

Why don’t we do the WHY in the regions?

Why don’t we do the WHY in the regions?

As the year is coming to a close for most of us, it's about survival and fear around the final run up to Christmas. All those networking functions, parties, and general social catch ups people have avoided all year but feel they must attend before December 25th. There is possibly a thought about next year. Although it’s usually just that, a thought...

SHIFT to team alignment

I was able to attend the Chamber of Commerce lunch in Nelson the other week where Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air NZ was speaking.

I was fascinated by some of his comments around how Air NZ look to drive success in the smaller regions and further more how they make the choice to sponsor which events. His reasoning was this...
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