Business Accelerator Programme for Real Estate Agents

Business Accelerator Programme for Real Estate Agents

We are so excited to launch our exclusive intensive Business Accelerator Programme to real estate agents in the Tasman region. We have worked a lot with agents, we understand you and we are passionate about getting agents noticed and shifting their income potential.

In our world we see Agents in 4 categories:
The Four States of Real Estate Performance - Paradigm Shift NZ

The correlation between business development activity and direct sales performance is critical. When you have the right message for the right target market in the way they want it received and you do the sales activity relating to this, you will shift your business performance.

Who doesn’t want to be a Superstar? – that’s our term, your agency has its own category.

The question I ask you is – Why are you not there today?

There will be a myriad of answers but fundamentally it will come down to one or more of the following:

  1. Self Belief and Conviction – you don’t believe you can and that requires a mindset adjustment
  2. Your marketing message is misaligned ( wrong message or too scattered ) i.e. they just don’t get You and your value
  3. You are not doing the activity

Selling a house is actually a transactional sale. The challenge is how do you get your market share of the listings out there. How do you get the listing without having to give away commission or too much value. How do you get people coming to you instead of you having to do the hard yards to get the listings?

It’s all about Profile. If you have a profile where you are known to get top dollar for the vendor and you understand what motivates them, the question becomes: Why would a vendor not go with you?

The Business Accelerator is a programme we have launched exclusively for the Tasman region. Here’s the gist of the programme:

Start date: June – we are offering this programme for 3 months only
Time frame: One month 4 x 2 hour sessions

Output – Private Business Coaching

  • An in-depth, personalised business development campaign to your target market from start to finish.
  • Getting the right message to the right market in the way they want it received.
  • Increase your listings by making a few key changes that will SHIFT your financial performance in one month.

So if you are achieving but feel like you are spinning out of control or in the star category and want to make a shift in revenue by getting noticed, then book your call with us now to discuss whether the programme may be right for you.

There is a limited number of places and we only want to work with those who are focused on making the shifts required.

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