A mince pie was one of my three defining moments. Not one more day could I do it!

A mince pie was one of my three defining moments. Not one more day could I do it!

A mince pie was one of my three defining moments. I got a clear picture that it was finished, over. Not one more day could I do it !
I was in my fourth year of teaching in a model school on Auckland’s North Shore. I remember the day so vividly. It was wet and I had to stay in the classroom over lunch. I had been feeling a little off for the past few months. I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. I put it down to being close to the end of the year, the crazy term 4 where lots was going on. All I could smell were boys smelly musty socks and body odour. 36 children closely confined in a classroom.
I looked up and in that moment here’s what I saw:
The boys taking the lid of the mince pie off and scooping out the mince with their fingers. It was dribbling down their mouth and really totally gross. AND in a flash, in that moment I felt it. Not One more day could I do this. I needed to get out. I felt trapped in the four walls of a classroom and the structure of doing the same thing day in and out was excruciating.

It was at that time I realised I wasn’t like everyone else. I needed to be me. I didn’t want to fit into a box. I had to break free. A few weeks later I finished up and started my own journey of self discovery. These new experiences shaped and mapped my future direction. It wouldn’t be until much later that I understood how valuable those teaching years and educational psychology degree would be.
Defining moments are critical in order to understand the learning, the message and where to next. It’s all related. It’s nothing to fear. It’s exciting. So embrace your mince pie. This I can promise you, it will be a game changer.

Come along and hear Rebecca speak in Wellington her last 2 hour seminar for 2016. The date is November the 10th. She will share her story and in doing so provide some gold nuggets and strategies to start the process of feeling good and being great at being you. She will help you gain clarity on what you want and a lucky two  will be able to have some live coaching. Bring a group of friends or colleagues and  spend some time with us over a glass of wine and nibbles.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Single registration $40.  BONUS: The first 40 people to register will receive a $20 voucher from Whitcoulls so make sure you book your tickets quickly. Your voucher will be ready for you on arrival. Uber exciting !  Book your ticket here.

Rebecca is passionate about working with women  to be the best versions of themselves as possible and her book Empower Me the magic is in believing it’s possible is tribute to this topic. Her corporate track record gives her the credibility to understand and guide women through personal and professional development and how to navigate the tough times. Rebecca is well known for speaking at conferences and public events including her own nationwide workshop Empowher series around the country.


Rebecca Morris

Rebecca set up Paradigm Shift in 2011 because in her corporate career she repeatedly observed leaders choosing to let chaos reign rather than work out strategies for effective change. Or put simply – poor leadership.

With a background in educational psychology, roles as CEO, sales executive, business coach, business owner and teacher, Rebecca uses her proven experience and insights along with her practical tool box to get results.

Rebecca observes human behaviour and associated patterns and enables leaders to become present to their patterns through her IP, Observational Intelligence (OI). Rebecca uses her 'cycle of interruption' approach to interrupt, innovate and lead from new paradigms creating collectively powerful leaders and culture-safe organisations.

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